What’s New From In The News?

Progress is being made in New York state reopening. We are no longer restricted as far as travelling to other states.  Vaccine administration has been going well with clinics not open to those 16 or older.    

What’s New From Our Members?

OFFICERS Check on the website for how to contact officers or committee chairs. Contact [email protected] so your questions can be answered or directed to the right person. I know we have had many heroes in keeping the people we serve in their best health. Many have been asked to assume extra duties and responsibilities. If you have […]

What’s New From OPWDD?

People we serve have been able to access COVID vaccine and the percentage of those already vaccinated is high. OPWDD is urging staff at all facilities to also get vaccinated.   Training staff, certifications, recertifications, TB testing which have been allowed to be deferred due to COVID will now be going back to regular timeframes with […]

What’s New From The Zones?

Zones have had a difficult time having any communication with members this past year. With inperson groupings not possible most have either done remote meetings or placed meetings on hold. Please be aware your zone or state officers are available to answer any questions or if no answers are available-to track them down. Please note […]

What’s New From The State

The executive Board of NYSIDDDNA continues to look for ways to provide for our membership within the confines of COVID guidelines. We utilize our website, facebook page, Linked in and Instagram to share information.  A diabetes update was made available which provided the latest data and 1 CEU of credit. NYSIDDDNA is looking to provide […]