The NYS ID/DD Nurses Association actually started as  separate groups and eventually merged into one. 

The Community Services Nurses’ Association Western Region of NYS began with a
group of I/DD  nurses  from voluntary and state op agencies.  
Meetings were held about every 3 months in Geneseo, NY, at the Big Tree
Inn. There was quite an array of nurses in that group, sometimes numbering 30+
nurses at meetings. the organization had elected officers: President, Vice President, Secretary and


Sometime between 1988 and 1990 the Western NY Community
Nurses Association became officially part of the MR/DD Nurses Association. The Western NY Nurses maintained their name until about 1991
when we started the “Zones” in NYS.


In 1989 The Community Nurses Association (NYS MR/DD Nurses’
Association) hosted the 2 day conference in collaboration with the University
of Rochester Medical Center.


Provided courtesy of Kathy Termine