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The NYS ID/DD Nurses Association established zones to facilitate and encourage local participation. Each zone determines its own structure based on the needs and interests of members.

Zones elect officers or chairpersons, and appoint representatives to the association’s executive board. They conduct meetings and educational programs for professional development and to foster networking among ID/DD nurses.

If you are interested in becoming an officer in your zone, please write to to share your interest. A zone officer will contact you. If you do not know your zone, you can check your membership card or ask by emailing

Funds are available to the zones upon request and with appropriate paperwork.

Officers By Zone

Co-Chairperson – Trish Potocar
Co-Chairperson –Joanne Carkner
Secretary – Karen Jarvis
Zone Reps – Jennifer Payne/ Marla Duffy


Co-Chairperson – Trish Potocar
Co-Chairperson –Joanne Carkner
Secretary – Karen Jarvis
Zone Rep – Jennifer Payne

Chairperson – Jacinta Ramczyk
Secretary – Open
Zone Rep – Darcie Uhl

Chairperson – Tara Sanford Briggs
Secretary – Courtney Bacon
Zone Rep – Meghan Miskinis

Chairpersons – Karen Bazan and Carrie DeLong 
Secretary – Mary Jean Keegan
Zone Rep – Laura DePuy
Zone Rep – Mary Boisvert

Chairperson – Open
Secretary – Joy Fotjlin
Zone 5 Rep – 
Rockland County Rep – Open
Northern Zone 5 Rep – Open

Chairperson – Patricia Ruckel
Co-Chair – Terry Entler
Secretary – Amy Kessler
Recording Secretary – Heidi Schmidt-Storic
Zone Representative – Sheila Thurman

Chairperson – Robert Peters
Secretary – Open
Zone 7 Rep. – Maureen Gavin

Chairperson – Open 
Secretary – Linda Cultrara
Zone 8 Rep. – Connie Tambacas

Chairperson – Open
Secretary – Edie Smith
Zone 9/11 Rep. – Debra Hill

No zone officers currently.