New York State ID/DD Nurses Association


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The association established zones to facilitate and encourage local participation. Each zone determines its own structure based on the needs and interests of members.

Zones elect officers or chairpersons, and appoint representatives to the association's executive board. They conduct meetings and educational programs for professional development and to foster networking among ID/DD nurses.

A percentage of each member's annual dues is returned to zones to help fund activities.

Officers By Zone

Co-Chairperson – Trish Potocar
Co-Chairperson –Marty Gleeson
Secretary/Treasurer - Karen Jarvis
Zone Reps –Rebecca Dibble & Jennifer Payne

Chairperson – Amanda Aiello
Treasurer – Iellan Rice
Secretary - Melissa Ostrander

Zone Rep-Lorna Bartok

Chairperson –Anne Payette
Treasurer - Val Capone
Zone Rep – Cindy Scunziano; Tasha Marsh


Chairpersons – Carol Krueger; Linsay Parker 
Treasurer – Julie Heneka
Secretary – Alison Ligon
Zone Reps - Darlene Langkau; Mary Jean Keegan;  Jessica Weston

Treasurer Joy Fotjlin
Secretary Madlyn Vaillancourt 
Zone Representatives:
Sandra Mellion 
Rockland County Rep: Madlyn Vaillancourt
Northern Zone 5 Rep: Melodie Tompkins

Co-Chair: Patty BrunettiCo-Chair: Mary Sherry

Zone Representative: Laura Sardinia-Prager, 
Treasurer: Pat Ruckel  
Secretary: Cathy Duijnisveld, 

Co-chairpersons-Doris Figueroa; Chinazo Echezona-Johnson

Secretary-Gale Glasgow

Treasurer-Muyalde Asuncion

Zone Reps-Rosemarie Faele; Avril Marshall
Maureen Gavin 

Co-Chairperson – Jane Dash 
Co-Chairperson – Janet Boland 
Secretary - Linda Cultrara
Treasurer - Maureen Brown

Zone Rep-Maureen Rivera

Chairperson – Mary Ellen Stambersky 
Secretary – Edith Smith
Treasurer – Mary Ellen Stambersky 
Zone Rep – Kelly Minde

Not Currently Active