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Find out how to apply & view past winners

The goal is to assist those who wish to provide nursing care in this important specialty.

NYSIDDDNA Scholarship

Each year, the NYS ID/DD Nurses Association offers a $1000 scholarship to encourage LPNs and other staff working in the field of intellectual/developmental disabilities to explore or remain in the field of Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Nursing.

Applications are due by April 15. All documents must be in one PDF or one Word document. The scholarship winner will be chosen from the eligible applicants by a selection committee of the NYS ID/DD Nurses Association. The recipient will be notified by the end of June.

An eligible applicant is:

  • An LPN or other non-nurse staff member who is currently working or has previously worked in the intellectual/developmental disabilities field, and
  • Currently matriculated in an accredited basic RN program, and
  • A New York State Resident, and
  • Intending to work as an ID/DD RN in New York State upon graduation.

To apply, submit one PDF document with the following information:

  1. Cover letter introducing yourself and your interest in the intellectual/developmental disabilities field.
  2.  Your resume describing your educational and work experiences.
  3. An essay of not more than 500 words explaining your future educational and professional goals.
  4. Proof of current matriculation in the RN program. Matriculation documentation must be a letter or verification on school letterhead from the Nursing Program or from the College Registrar’s Office. A college transcript or course listing is not sufficient for proof of matriculation.

Email application letters to: NYS ID/DD Nurses Association / Scholarship Committee at or mail to NYS ID/DD Nurses Association, c/o Scholarship Committee, PO Box 25832, Rochester, NY 14625.

If you have questions, please write to for assistance.

NYSIDDDNA Scholarship Winners

2021 Scholarship Winner:
     Antonia L. Cato
     Administrator of Residential Services, CFDS

2020 Scholarship Winner:
     Olivia Robinson
     Nursing Assistant, Catskill Regional Medical Center

2019 Scholarship Winner:
    Laura Musselwhite

2017 Scholarship Winner:
     Alesha Ransey
     Broome County

2016 Scholarship Winner:
      David Sheffield