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Winner of 2020 Joyce Binder Award

Winner of the 2020 Joyce Binder award is;

Joanne Weinstein, RN, Nursing Supervisor, Abbott House, West Haverstraw, NY. Joanne was nominated by Habiebbah Benton, RN

From the nomination submission:

 Leadership. Professionalism.Compassion. Love.

JoAnn is truly connected to OPWDD.
She genuinely cares for everyone she comes in contact with. I believe this is
not only a job for her, but a commitment of life. I know that she has countless
sleepless nights. Leadership is her middle name. She takes the reins when no
one else wants to guide. She is always available to receive calls all times
of the day – and did she receive many calls!!! Even if she is asleep, she
will answer without making you feel like you are a burden. Professionalism
motivated Joanne. She exhibits professionalism and expects it from all she
encounters. Compassion is what she strives for. The individuals that we serve
depend on us and the direct service professionals. She has knowledge of all
the individuals. If anything changes with them medically, she has first
knowledge of all diagnosis and treatment that may be necessary to ensure they
receive the best care. Because Joanne truly loves her occupation, she will
continue to be the Nurse who will care for the rest of her life. She is a
mentor to the nurses in the Nursing Department. All staff truly respect her
for the Nurse that she is. I am so proud to nominate Joanne Weinstein for the
Joyce Binder Memorial Award.

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