New York State ID/DD Nurses Association


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What's New From The State

Plans are underway for 2020 conference. The management service, the conference chair and committee in conjunction with the Executive Board work hard to ensure a quality program every year. Evaluations from the prior year are very helpful. Places in New York State that can accommodate a group our size can be difficult to find. We are lucky to draw those numbers at our conferences and also lucky to have locations that wish to host our program. We will return to Albany this year as they have shown good service in the past and attendees like that it is an easy find right off the thoroughfares. Be on the watch for more details.  The transition is being made to the new management service and is going very smoothly. Nan Rutledge is assisting the new management team to make a seamless change. Good luck, Nan in your future endeavors, we appreciate all you have done in your time with us.

What's New From The Zones?

Check with zone officers or our management office if you have any question about who your officers are or the particular zone you would be in. Zone officers look to set up meetings of interest to membership and love to have your input.     Membership dues need to be received in order to get the member rate for conference.

What's New From OPWDD?

It is reported that the revised med course is completed and only waiting for review by state ed. The change from 1/2 hour leeway to 1 hour leeway before and after the set medication time has been approved. This may help when people are in the community or there are a lot of meds to give in one hourly pass.  More nursing training may be available online in the future. Specifically the mandatory new RN training is said to be available in that format. Diabetes Train the Trainer will be available thru NYS Alliance for Inclusion and Innovation over the next months. Contact Kate Connally-518-795-3534; [email protected]

What's New From Our Members?

OFFICERS Welcome the new slate of officers for 2020. Edie Smith-President; Mary Jean Keegan-President Elect; Amanda Aiello-Corresponding Secretary; Carol Kruegar-Recording Secretary; Karen Jarvis-Treasurer. It is marvelous that we have members willing to step into these roles and see the importance of keeping our organization moving forward.  Linda Cultrara will be chairperson for educational development and steer the conference committee.    Shortage of APLISOL® The shortage is now considered to be over.     

What's New From In The News?

Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) can be at any level of seizure disorder from what is considered benign with centrotemporal spikes to intractable. Clinical features looked for in SUDEP-young adult age, medication nonadherence, frequent tonic clonic seizures-may or may not be present. Some occur in those thought to be treatment responsive or a benign epilepsy. The possibility should be known to patients and stress the importance of taking medications on time, not skipping doses and taking correct dosage.  There is an incidence rate of 1.20/1000 person-years. Median age 26 but can go from 1-70. Most were male and white. Some had even been free of seizures the previous year. Only 16% had heard of SUDEP before their family member had died.