New York State ID/DD Nurses Association
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What's New From The State

Plans had to be changed for the 2020 conference. Due to the current state of emergency throughout New York State the possibility that we would not be able to hold this year's conference forced some tough decisions. All the membership looks forward to the annual conference and this is the first time for a situation like this. We may be able to have other presentations that fit the times we are in now. See conference page for more information. Be on the watch for more details.   

What's New From The Zones?

Zones have had to delay regular meetings but plan to get back to them as soon as possible. Sharing info during this difficult time is even more important. If you want a link to the google chat line please contact Edie, Trish or information If you have any zone news or would like to give credit to someone providing care during these times-we'd love to hear from you.

What's New From OPWDD?

Information on how to reopen has been the newest directives. Safety for people we serve and employees is of high priority. Visits with family can also be started under these guidelines.  Allowances have been made for trainings and ways to safely provide necessary training such as CPR. Extensions are allowed for AMAP recertification and new employee TB testing. This is to minimize need for face to face contact for improved infection control. The extension has recently been moved to September 4th, 2020.

What's New From Our Members?

OFFICERS Officers for 2020. Edie Smith-President; Mary Jean Keegan-President Elect; Martin Gleeson-Corresponding Secretary; Carol Kruegar-Recording Secretary; Karen Jarvis-Treasurer. Please contact any officer or board member if you would like to see where you can be involved in helping our organization. We welcome your interest.  The officers and management service have been working to keep membership apprised of changes. Check "Contact Us" if you are not receiving these emails or if you have taken the place of someone else and want your name added.     

What's New From In The News?

New York state is reopening slowly with an eye to what is going on in other states. NY residents are asked to observe extra precautions if travelling to or returning from certain states.  Different companies are hard at work to get a vaccine through trials possibly to be available by January 2021.  Other vaccine news-for those prone to shingles, a new version of the vaccine is now recommended. There are two injections needed which provide a higher percentage of protection. 

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