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Learn about what's new in nursing.

What's New From The State?

Hopefully you have already heard of our return to in person state conference. Time is passing so if you haven’t already signed up, do it today. You have missed the opportunity to sign on as a new member to get the member price or early bird rate. The price is still very reasonable. We are returning to the Marriott Hotel, Albany. Go to the conference page on the website, your recent newsletter or contact Dates are October 17,18-2022. See you there.

What's New From The Zones?

Zones are gearing up to resume meetings in preCOVID fashion. If you have not heard, zone finances will be handled from now on through the state treasury. This should work better, since many zones had difficulty getting the proper account set up and also officer positions can change frequently which would require  adjustments.  Check the website if you don’t know who your zone officers are or how to contact them. 

What's New From The OPWDD?

Word has gone out that updated trainings are ready to go out. This includes AMAP, gtube, diabetes. When received there will be 90 days to switch to these curriculums. We are still dealing with the need for social distancing in training rooms. As our people we support age, we find the need is higher for specific trainings to maintain health. 

What's New From Our Members?

We have been lucky to see new members apply. Some have an interest in helping on the state or zone level. With new members comes new ideas which are always welcome. Check on the website for how to contact officers or committee chairs. Contact so your questions can be answered or directed to the right person. Even though things have been quieter during the pandemic, we have worked to keep the organization strong. 

What's New From In The News?

We are seeing concerns with illnesses not seen in the US for a long time. Polio had all but disappeared in this country. Recently a young adult in New York was diagnosed. Polio is spread through fecal/oral route and can be ingested by contaminated hands to the mouth. It can show as mild intestinal symptoms but if it gets into the blood stream it can travel to the spinal cord and cause paralysis. Vaccine has given by injection or by oral route with a sugar cube. Even though protection is given, particularly with the oral vaccine it can leak from the gut and convert to a transmissable form. Public Health experts are watching this closely.  Medpagetoday 8.22.