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What's New From The State?

Elections held at the Annual meeting Have Linda Cultrara moving from President -elect to President and Cindy Pross selected as President-elect. Cindy will also be conference chair. The president-elect position is a great way to become familiar with the President’s function before taking over the office. Cindy has been helping with the conference setup so is comfortable with stepping into that job. Think about how you could help the state or zone portion of the organization. Starting out as a zone representative or on a committee can make you more comfortable with the workings of the group. We have been very lucky to continue to have members willing to fill slots and keep the association healthy. Networking and friendships formed are a bonus. 

The proposal for creating an online conference registration has been received and accepted. This should be equally as helpful as placing membership online has been. We are looking forward to the streamlining of this process and having it in place for this year’s conference. 

What's New From The Zones?

Zones can not only network at the annual conference but pick up information about potential speakers. We’ve had some new faces for zone officers or zone reps at board meetings which is great. New faces means new ideas and that is important for any group.  

What's New From The OPWDD?

A presentation by Susan Prendergast will be available online March 5th at 1:00. Standby for more information on access. 

Recent visits from DQI emphasize PONs and ensuring DSPs understand information shared. They would like to see more in person training and not all “read and signs”.  

What's New From Our Members?

This year is the first offering of a new scholarship for nurses working toward their BSN. Spread the word. This would be open to any RN who fits the criteria. Check on the website for form and information. 

There will be other offerings of informational sessions for membership coming in the next months. Linda Dunham, information@nysidddna.org will be sending out instructions to sign up. 

The loss of a longtime member of the organization happened suddenly. Marty Gleeson has been active on the zone and state level since joining the group many years ago. He had recently been serving as zone rep for Zone 1. He will be missed. 

What's New From In The News?

Osteoporosis doesn’t often make the top a list of chronic diseases but it should be up there related to loss of work productivity, disability and mortality. Fractures from osteoporosis are responsible for more hospitalizations than heart attacks, strokes and breast cancer together. Mortality risks are significant especially among men who are less like to get screened for osteoporosis. Hip fractures cause the greatest morbidity along with mortality rates as high as 20-24% in the year following a hip fracture. It is important to identify at-risk individuals and provide treatment to prevent that first fracture. 

(medpagetoday 1/9/24)

According to Novnordisc their flexpen version of Levimir will be discontinued in April and the vials by the end of December. They claim manufacturing constraints and availability of other insulins factored into their decision. Another longacting insulin available on the market is glargine-one common trade name Lantus. Some people who feel Levimir is the best fit for them are upset by this change. Since Levimir is faster metabolizing than other longactings it is easier to adjust doses. Athletes particularly like this feature. They are appealing to Novonordisc to keep Levimir available. 

Medpage Today 1/31/24