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Learn about what's new in nursing.

What's New From The State?

The 2023 conference was a big success and the committee will start work towards next year’s conference which will be in Queensbury, NY. Many people left comments, suggestion which are greatly appreciated. Please reach out if you have further suggestions for topics or speakers.

The website membership platform is in place and has made the process easier and more efficient for the person signing up for membership and for our management provider. The information posted goes directly into a database in a process that insures no information is lost. New and renewing members alike can utilize this. We are now working on a similar process for conference registration which should be in place for the 2024 conference. 

What's New From The Zones?

Zones seem to be revitalizing from the aftereffects of he pandemic. Updates given in the newsletter and attendees at the recent conference show that zone officers are working to get the word out and provide topics of interest to zone members. Contacts at the conference can lead to finding available presenters.  Being a zone chairperson, secretary or zone rep is an easy way to get more  involved and have your voice be heard. Some zones have co-chairs to share that office.  Check the website if you don’t know who your zone officers are or how to contact them. 

What's New From The OPWDD?

A presentation by Susan Prendergast at the conference spoke of  the publication of Management of Communicable Respiratory Disease Guidance.  This will cover any respiratory concern-not just influenza. 

Much discussion centered around the need for PONs and insuring staff read and follow them. There has to be some system that shows staff are aware of each PONs and know where to find them if review is needed. RN’s must review and update annually. 

What's New From Our Members?

Believe it or not, there are still some nurses out there who don’t know of our organization. With turnover of staff sometimes there is not a direct link from departing nurses to new hires, so even if the prior nurse had the group’s information it may not get to the new nurses. 

There was request for sharing of ways to attract and retain nursing staff. NYSIDDDNA put together a committee who assembled a report on what may work. Let a zone or state officer know if you would like a copy of this report.

Contact so your questions on zone or state activity can be answered or directed to the right person.

Fred Wetzel was the 2023 recipient of the Joyce Binder award. Joyce was one of the founders of this group and the award in her memory is given to a nurse who exemplifies the best traits of an ID/DD nurse. Fred definitely fit that picture as a longtime advocate for the ID/DD population, the nurses that care for them and the ID/DD Association which supports all that these nurses do. 

What's New From In The News?

It is a very exciting time for new medications and treatment. The new medications or a rework of a of medication already in use is likely to be offered in a nasal applicator. The speed and ease with which a med can be administered in this fashion make it easier for the person administering and the person receiving. Benefit can be seen much faster as in seizure care and treatment for drug overdoses.  Look for more medications to become available in this format. 

According to 9.28.23 the nine leading food allergens are milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish (crab, lobster, shrimp), tree nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans), peanuts, wheat, soybeans, sesame. Some of these are not surprising but some are. Would not have expected soybeans or sesame. April 23, 2021 sesame was added as number 9 and law went into effect January 1, 2023 requiring that sesame be listed on food labels as an allergen. Labels must say “contains …..” or give the allergen in parentheses after an ingredient “flour (wheat)”.  Label reading is an important safety process.