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Learn about what's new in nursing.

What's New From The State?

The conference committee is hard at work setting up the fall conference. Information will be coming soon so get your reservations in early. As always the presentations and the chance to network make it well worth while.

Work is underway on a website membership platform which will make applying for membership and renewing membership a much more efficient process.

What's New From The Zones?

Word from the zones shows that in person meetings have resumed and members are glad to see this outlet again available. Zones no longer need a treasurer as funds will be accessed through the State Treasurer. Think about offering to take a position as a zone chairperson, secretary or zone rep. It is an easy way to get involved and affect the direction of the group. Some zones have co-chairs to share the office.  Check the website if you don’t know who your zone officers are or how to contact them. 

What's New From The OPWDD?

The new AMAP curriculum is out and should be in use for medication administration training. Procedures for certification, recertification and intake of AMAP’s from another agency were also written.

What's New From Our Members?

We continue to maintain many long term members but are also seeing many new memberships. We are always looking for ways to get the information on our group to the ID/DD nurses. Sometimes it doesn’t filter down to the people who need to know. If you have any ideas we would love to hear them. Check on the website for how to contact officers or committee chairs. Contact so your questions can be answered or directed to the right person.

What's New From In The News?

Osteoporosis is at the forefront of concerns for the people we support secondary to aging, medications, lack of mobility, etc. Finding out if someone has osteoporosis or osteopenia is good information to have and sometimes PMD’s need to be asked if this should be evaluated. Evaluation can lead to treatment and prevention tactics which can prevent fractures.