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Learn about what's new in nursing.

What's New From The State?

The Board of NYSIDDDNA has found ways to provide education opportunities to our membership even though we haven’t been been able to hold our state conference during the pandemic. Webinars were set up and made available to all nurses interested. Check with for webinars still to come. We are hoping to return to our statewide conference by returning to Albany in October 2022. Everyone agrees the face to face of the conference and the networking that goes on is definitely preferable. Keep watching for updates on this and add in your wishes for COVID to wind down.

What's New From The Zones?

Zones have had a difficult time having any communication with members this past year. With inperson groupings not possible most have either done remote meetings or placed meetings on hold. Please be aware your zone or state officers are available to answer any questions or if no answers are available-to track them down. Please note that if you have had no activity on your zone account for 2020, the bank may classify it as a dormant account and start charging you for that status. Thankfully the bank representative for our Zone 1 account reached out to us to make a deposit or withdrawal so we wouldn’t start losing $15/month.

What's New From The OPWDD?

Getting people we serve and staff vaccinated continues to be high priority. How to deal with these issues plus masking and social distancing continues to change. If you are not getting directives check the OPWDD website for information. Susan Prendergast has put out procedures to follow for staff returning to work in relation to COVID. Training staff, certifications, recertifications, TB testing still need to be completed. Trying to bring staff into compliance with required trainings is made more difficult because the necessary allowance for number of people in one space to maintain social distancing limits remains a factor.

What's New From Our Members?

Check on the website for how to contact officers or committee chairs. Contact so your questions can be answered or directed to the right person. I know we have had many heroes in keeping the people we serve in their best health. Many have been asked to assume extra duties and responsibilities. If you have any stories to share, let us know.

What's New From In The News?

Masks are currently being mandated in shared public areas and that includes ID/DD facilities. The Omicron variant of COVID has proved to be easily spread but in most cases less severe. Those with comorbidities especially those not vaccinated have had the more serious reactions to Omicron. It is hoped that the next months will see a slow down in new cases. On another issue, localities within New York State are being allowed to opt in for sales of marijuana products and to decide if sale is allowed in their town/city and be specific about the how this will be able to occur. How this will affect the ID/DD population is not known. Epidiolex is currently the only cannabinoid allowed to be given within our system.