To our members,

We are in extraordinary times. You are all on the front lines
taking care of our most vulnerable patient population. I know the long days and
hard work you are all putting in as we combat this pandemic.  In addition
to your nursing role, you are the health professionals managing and educating
direct support staff and providing guidance to your management teams.  

There is now a NYS ID/DD Nurses Association Chat Board within
Googledocs.  It is a running online document where you can ask questions,
post tips, share information. It is an online platform where we can support
each other. (in order to keep this a membership site the access link is not
being posted here. Please check your emails for the link. If you do not have it
contact Edie Smith [email protected] ; Linda
Dudman [email protected]; or
Trish Potocar [email protected]  )

It is my understanding that agencies are adapting to distancing as feasible for their programs. Nursing responsibilities haven’t changed, but it is crucial to be practicing within the CDC recommended guidelines. Use of teledocs, video conferencing, facetime, etc. are the new norm. This is the OPWDD link- https://opwdd.ny.gov/news_and_publications/coronavirus-guidance-opwdd-service-providers

Please take the time to practice self-care; stay safe. 

Take care,

Edie Smith

President; NYSIDDDNA

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