What's New?

What's New From The State?

Membership renewals are due in March 2019 but if your agency wants to prepay out of this year's budget, that is acceptable and your 2019 membership will be credited.

What's New From The Zones?

The health of the zones is very important to us. If there is any way the executive board can help keep your zone vital, We want to support you. Having representatives at the Executive Board meetings can help and many ideas are shared with people experiencing the same issues.

Some zones meet at the conference as a way to keep in touch.

What's New From OPWDD?

Email blasts coming out of OPWDD with regulatory changes and other announcements are fowarded to each member by the NYS ID/DD Nurses Associaiton as a service of membership. Nurses may also check the OPWDD website for the actual alerts.

Fluid restrictions, PONs, staff training remain at the top of the list for items targetted  by DQI. Network with others to see the best way to cover these issues.

What's New From Our Members?

We appreciate postings or comments from members on our facebook page. You can link to your own facebook page to be notified when there is new information. .

What's New From In The News?

Are artificial sweeteners a help in avoiding excess amounts of sugar in your diet? According to medscape.com for someone who is going to drink sweetened drinks or soda anyway a better alternative is the artificial sweetener. Studies have looked for concerns with these sweeteners such as cancer, diabetes or tooth decay and so far all tests are inconclusive. Another idea that artificial sweeteners make you crave real sugars has not been proved. .

Any interesting study has shown that administering BCG or TB vaccine which is given to children in some countries, has helped in glycemic control with Type 1 diabetics. So far this is a limited study for only a small group. More research will definitely need to be done.